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Free white noise generatorAmbie is a multimedia application made by Microsoft. It is a free white noise generator that you can use if you want to relax at home with serene sounds or need to focus on your studies. It comes with pre-installed sounds, such as beaches, fireplaces, city streets, and birds. You can also download more sound if you have preferences. However, this app is only available for Windows 10 devices and Xbox consoles.Ambie multimedia free white noise generatorpre-installed soundsdownload more soundWindows 10What is Ambie?Ambie is an open-source tool written in C#. It's easy to download and integrates seamlessly with Windows. It has a simple design and minimalistic commands and offers uninterrupted, on-the-spot sound playback. Currently, it has nine different sounds in its library. However, as noted, you can also add music if you have a specific sound that you want to listen to. Moreover, the app has a built-in music downloader, so you don't have to jump around and move toolsimple designminimalistic commands nine different soundsbuilt-in music downloadermusic downloader,The app further extends its capabilities by supporting custom sound mixing. You can select up to three sounds and play them together. The sound mixer also allows you to adjust each sound to balance its intensity and create a harmonious mix. Once you made the combination, you can save the mixed sound to the app's library. Like the pre-defined sounds and your downloaded music, you can play these sound mixes whenever you like.custom sound mixingselect up to three soundssound mixeradjust each soundAmbie is a lightweight and straightforward white noise app. This practical tool is a must for people who spend time by themselves that can serve as a companion or supplementary tool. It is also helpful to those who perform repetitive tasks, individuals who spend numerous times in front of computers, or those who simply need relaxing ambient sounds. Moreover, the app's sound evokes primordial nature-like tones, which can be useful for meditation or lowering anxiety levels.lightweight and straightforwardwhite noisethose who perform repetitive taskssimply need relaxing ambient soundsprimordial nature-like tonesRelax with musicTo summarize, Ambie is a convenient and useful program that offers free sounds to help you relax and relieve your anxiety. The app functions well and comes with a sleek interface for easier navigation. More than that, it is an open-source project, which enables the eventuality of further improvements from other developers with each new update. However, as of this writing, the program is only available to Windows 10.relax and relieve your anxietysleek interface for easier navigationonly available to Windows 10.


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