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A modern twist on a classic hardwareEmulator II V is a powerful music software by electronics company Arturia that reimagines E-mu Systems’ Emulator II, which was a digital sampling synthesizer prominent from 1981 until the 1990s. This multimedia program is a multitimbral sampling machine that provides the classic hardware with a modern touch, while still retaining its old-school charm. Emulator II V music softwareEmulator IImultimediamultitimbral sampling machineThe Emulator II made sampling playable, but the Emulator II V improves upon it with high-fidelity 8-bit playback and smooth analog filters. Like the original, it features a sample library that is easily recognizable. Unlike the Omnisphere 2, it’s a hybrid of a sampler and synthesizer.   high-fidelity 8-bit playbackOmnisphere 2A comprehensive music softwareThe Emulator II V’s top offerings are its outstanding lo-fi synths and drums. It’s jam-packed with features, which can make it feel overwhelming to use, but the user-friendly interface and in-depth tutorial ensure you can get the lay of the ground fast. The software gives you plenty of control over many parameters and provides a wide variety of presets to choose from. outstanding lo-fi synths and drumsin-depth tutorialThose who want to dig deeper can click on the screen to access the Edit, Assign, and Effects tabs. These tabs include a sampler with customizable start and end points. You can layer and upload your own samples and there are many stock sounds to choose from. These preset options already have layers, but you are free to add or remove them as you wish. It also features an outstanding arpeggiator. customizable start and end pointsadd or removearpeggiatorThe presets this program offers are a delight to hear and the ability to load your own samples is surely a nice touch. It responds well to automation and its macros make it a lot easier to work on. It’s not a deal breaker, but having the option to save and reload presets for each effect would be great. It should also be noted that it has a steep price. responds well to automationsave and reload presets for each effectsteep priceBuilt for enthusiastsThe Emulator II V offers nothing but the best in terms of sampling and synthesizing. Every preset is of high quality and the user interface is nothing but well-designed. The built-in tutorials are perfect for both beginners and adepts as they eliminate the need for constantly checking a manual. It can be pricey, but for the high-quality sounds and the features it offers, it’s worth every penny. nothing but the best


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