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The description of ABZU - Play With New Friends

Explore underwater mysteries in ABZUABZU is an underwater exploration game in which you play a diver swimming through a mysterious environment filled with sea life and ancient ruins. The creatures in this seascape prey on each other school together and act out the daily reality of life in the deep. The game's mysterious haunting aesthetic recalls games like Journey -- no surprise since Journey's art director created this game. The visuals are complemented by a sweeping orchestral score.Beautiful but enigmaticABZU isn't an adventure game in the conventional sense. If you're familiar with other exploration or adventure games you'll find some things that are recognisable but other things that aren't. There are puzzles and hazards in the deep but they're simple challenges not really the main point of gameplay. Watching and learning from the environment seems more important than interacting with or overcoming it even though the game's structure is linear. The result is an experience that's hauntingly beautiful evocative and even thought-provoking but not as engaging or challenging as a more conventional adventure game. The movement controls are simple and swimming is enjoyable which is good news because that's what you're going to be doing for most of the game. A gentle challengeABZU is a beautiful game with a distinctive aesthetic and stunning soundtrack. If you're mainly interested in challenge however or want a long game that will enthrall you for dozens of hours it might not be for you.


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