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Free software to block excess pop-up YouTube advertisementsAdblock for YouTube is an effective method to bypass annoying advertisements that are often embedded within streaming videos on this site. As it is officially licensed to be used with Chrome browsers, customers can be certain that they are receiving a quality product. Another massive benefit is that unlike some other ad-blocking software, the personal history of the user is not tracked.Primary Features and AdvantagesAdblock for YouTube functions much in the same way as a similar browser-based application. It will detect the presence of advertisements through advanced algorithms. Once one is confirmed, it will automatically be bypassed. However, it should be noted that video playback is not affected whatsoever. This is extremely useful in the event that specific YouTube channels are known for their revenue-generating advertisements. In the majority of cases, this system will block all advertisements that are present.Additional InformationAdblock for YouTube is only 646 kilobytes in size, so not much memory is required. It can be embedded directly into a YouTube channel and it may be manually disabled by the user if desired. The latest updates occurred on 14 June 2017, so only the most modern software is employed. Above all, there is no charge to download and install this bundle.


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