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Pledge allegiance to the assassinsAssassin’s Creed is an adventure video game developed and published by Ubisoft. The game takes place in a fictional history in which assassins battle for peace of their own free will while the Templars seek peace through power. This game introduces protagonists during the Holy Land's Third Crusade. Assassin’s Creedadventure Ubisoftassassins battle for peaceYou'll take on the role of Desmond Miles, a modern-day guy. You’ll access his genetic memory of your ancestor, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, using a computer called the Animus. Your task is to uncover information about the fight between the Knights Templar and the Assassins for the Apple of Eden — a valuable artifact.fight between the Knights TemplaDoes Assassin's Creed have a storyline?Assassin's Creed features an engrossing plot and a massive map to discover. Damascus, Acre, and Jerusalem are the three major cities on the Assassin's Creed map. There are a few missions that accompany the main story as well as several secondary missions. This includes collecting flags or climbing up viewing points. features an engrossing plotseveral secondary missions. You play as Altaïr, a member of a secret society that kills Templars in cold blood to prevent them from governing the world in Assassin's Creed. In the game, the ability to sprint and climb, as well as cover and move stealthily when necessary, will be key in the wide range of missions you'll be given. play as Altaïrkills Templars gameYou take on the role of Desmond Miles at the start of the game. He is a bartender in the year 2012 when he is abducted by Abstergo Industries officers. He is taken to Rome and forced to take part in a series of trials centered on the Animus, a computer that converts his ancestors' memories into a virtual world. converts his ancestors' memoriesCan Pieces of Eden be destroyed?Desmond relives the early years of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad through the machine. Desmond learns that, despite being the Assassin Brotherhood's most senior officer, he failed an effort to reclaim the Pieces of Eden from the Knights Templar's grandmaster. Desmond discovers a code kept by the Templar Order while attempting to redeem himself. reclaim the Pieces of EdenYour only goal as Altaïr is to complete a mission that Al Mualim has assigned to you. You must thwart the Crusaders thus assassinating nine main figures. This means you'll have to go to three different cities: Jerusalem, Acre, and Damascus, and locate the Brotherhood agent in each one. complete a missionassassinating nine main figuresThe agent's job is to have a refuge as well as intelligence on the target. Before carrying out the assassinations, reconnaissance missions such as eavesdropping, questioning, and pickpocketing would be needed. After completing each assassination, you will be awarded enhancements or a new weapon when you return to the Brotherhood.reconnaissance missionsawarded enhancementsAmbitious and adventurous trip in timeYou do not need to be a fan of history to enjoy Assassin’s Creed. You get to witness rewriting history as a result of this. The high-octane battle scenes and physicality of the lead character are other aspects that gamers can love. The game takes up a lot of free hard disk space, but it's well worth it because it portrays an exciting twist on European history.high-octane battle scenesexciting twist on European history


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