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The description of Autodesk 123D - Play With New Friends

A CAD and 3D Modelling Suite to Get You StartedAutodesk 123D is a 3D modelling and CAD tools suite designed keeping the hobbyist in mind. It’s similar to Trimble SketchUp in scope and is Autodesk Inventor-based.A Great Starting PointIf you’re just starting with CAD and 3D modelling or would like to get started, Autodesk 123D would help you get off your blocks. The suite helps you develop basic modelling and drawing capabilities, courtesy its repository of ready-made objects and blocks. But don’t let the simple nature of the suite fool you, since it’s powerful despite being basic. If you have ever played with a 3D tool, you would realise it doesn’t get any easier than 123D. And despite being not as robust as other advanced tools (which is understandable), a huge majority of tools that a 3D printing enthusiast would need is still available.Simple User InterfaceAutodesk 123D incorporates a basic and intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) where the add-ons or tool section is located far away from the user’s vision of focus. The design portion takes up most of the space. The toolbox item icons are also designed keeping the novice user in mind. The icons clearly indicate the specific tool’s functionality. 123D has chosen to do away with the traditional “drag and drop” and has instead opted to go with the more convenient and speedier “click and place”. That said, the drag and drop mechanism becomes available later for refining an item’s position, if that makes you happy.


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