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A free and powerful system analyzerBelarc Advisor is a system utility tool that scans your computer to provide a comprehensive analysis of the available software and hardware. It creates a detailed profile, which is useful if you wish to upgrade your PC, purchase a system-heavy application, or compare it with other desktops.scans your computer  Belarc Advisor download for Windows also detects missing hotfixes, antivirus status, system benchmarks, and any additional weak points.Belarc Advisor downloadfor Windowsantivirus statusWhat is Belarc Advisor?This free Windows tool can create a detailed HTML report of your system’s hardware and software. It alerts users of any drawbacks or weak points of the scanned machine and offers advice for these issues. The comprehensive profile consists of information on missing driver updates, system benchmarks, security status, and active Microsoft hotfixes.alerts users of any drawbacks or weak pointsconsists of information on missing driver updatesUsers can open the report in any web browser and check their computer’s overall score in terms of security. It also gives data on the system’s CPU, RAM, GPU, operating system, driver space, vulnerabilities, third-party tools, motherboard status, and more. With these results, you can make informed decisions, fix system problems, and compare your PC with other devices. gives data on the system’s CPU, RAM, GPUfix system problemsHow does Belarc Advisor work?Once you install Belarc Advisor on your PC, it checks for any pending updates and downloads them to your PC. It then requires administrator access to run an in-depth scan of your system. The software completes a scan in a few minutes and displays the results in your default web browser. All of this information remains secure and doesn’t leave the server.  requires administrator accessBy running Belarc Advisor download on your computer, you can get information about the operating system, such as the Windows version you’re running and the boot mode. It details processor information, shows drive capacity, the serial number of the device, controller data, memory information, pending or missing updates, hotfixes, and more. Belarc Advisor downloaddetails processor informationAlthough you can get all of this information from your computer itself, Belarc Advisor goes further in listing each element of your PC, such as the serial and model numbers and the status of installed software and hardware. It even gives users license numbers and keys to downloaded applications. This feature is quite essential, especially if you lose the CD of a purchased program. givesusers license numbers Does the app have any advanced features?One of the best Belarc Advisor features is that it checks your system’s antivirus protection and informs you of whether or not you’re running the latest version. It also ensures that your device is protected in real-time and isn’t running two antivirus programs. Furthermore, when the software scans your PC, it lists all available security patches and alerts about the ones that might be missing. Belarc Advisor features ensures that your device is protected in real-time lists all available security patchesIn case you’re planning to purchase a system-heavy app, the software can come in quite handy. You can use the generated report to figure out the available RAM, as well as the drive capacity. It even highlights applications, which you haven’t used for a long time so that you can easily uninstall the files you no longer require.  figure out the available RAMhighlights applications, which you haven’t usedFinally, it provides a network inventory so you can upgrade resources as soon as possible.Is Belarc Advisor safe to use?When you download the Belarc Advisor installer, you should know that it is a genuine and powerful software program that doesn’t impact your device's performance or put your info at risk. Additionally, the software opens to a web page, making sure that it hardly uses any system resources. The program works well on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows XP, and Windows 7 computers and remains dormant until activated.  Belarc Advisor installerhardly uses any system resourcesWindows 11Are there any alternatives?Speccy, LookInMyPC, and WinAudit are a few system analysis applications that offer detailed information about your computer. All of these applications, including Belarc software, are free and contain various elements that detect system issues. The only difference among these programs is their layout and the design of their reports. SpeccySpeccyLookInMyPCLookInMyPCWinAuditWinAuditBelarc softwareShould I download Belarc Advisor?Belarc Advisor is a system utility tool that creates a comprehensive profile of your computer. It delivers software and hardware information like the version of your Windows, processor data, drive capacity, system serial number, motherboard information, installed software, and more. Users get these details in an HTML report, which they can download or email for later use. creates a comprehensive profile of your computerdelivers software and hardware informationdetails in an HTML reportIn addition to this, the software checks your PC’s security status and lets you know whether or not you’re using the latest version of the installed antivirus application. The program also lists any security errors, license keys, and RAM details, among other useful information. So, if you want to get detailed information about your Windows computer, Belarc Advisor is the way to go. checks your PC’s security statuslicense keysBelarc Advisor


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