Chess Tournaments (Windows setup)

Chess Tournaments (Windows setup) for Windows

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This is a chess program to help you to organize any chess tournamentsThis is a chess program to help you to organize any chess tournaments without using real chess rules, go to the support page of this program. The support page also has more information about this program.This program creates a 'Data' folder to save settings of this program and notes of tournaments and players.Players could play with each other on a single device or playing by multiple devices by a network.This program shows squares that mouse points on them and that helps to prevent any mouse mistakes that happen when playing chess by computers! Although you could do moves by keyboard too.This program never shows legal moves, so you have to know chess rules before starting the game! That is the main rule in chess tournaments because no one could ask legal moves during the game. However, this program shows the last move in a separate part to inform you about the moved which played.This program has all the functionalities that you need to manage a database, but you cannot analyze games by chess engines or creating variations for them.This program uses PGN format and its standard but in some cases, there is not any definite standard and this program uses some similar formats in those cases.This program has all time controls in chess clocks, but if you need more complex time controls, you could use them as well, because this program allows you to start a game from any position by two different time controls. Therefore, you could handle any time control any time in any position. After finishing your game, you could import all moves into the initial game and see your game in one single game but not in multiple segments.You could paste raw PGN game by using the 'Add moves' section. This section is smart and you even don't need to set up the initial position of the game.


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