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You Don’t Just Drive in This Charming Motorsports GameDeveloped by Original Fire Games and published by Square Enix, Circuit Superstars is an arcade-style motorsports racing game with a top-down perspective and realistic driving model. Instead of the ultra-HD racing games where you see the beautiful replicas of real-life racetracks, Circuit Superstars brings back the old-school style that started racing games.Circuit Superstarsmotorsportsracingtop-down perspectiverealistic driving modelQuirky CarsThere are always two kinds of graphic designs dealing with car games: either they look realistic or they’re cute in their own way. Circuit Superstars chose to be the latter, but it doesn’t fully bring its cuteness along for the race. The overall design of the game is cartoonish—full of colors that are easy on the eyes and complemented by an adorable 3D environment that belongs in a peaceful slice-of-life game. You’d immediately think that it’s a funky racing game wherein you bump into other players or use hilarious power-ups around the track to take the lead. However, in a surprising twist, Circuit Superstars didn’t go that route and instead made its gameplay as accurately simple to real motorsports races as possible. Despite the cutesy little cars on the track, the physics engine of the game makes for a realistic race as they weave to and fro on the turns with actual drifting and sliding. Circuit Superstars was made to be a pure and loving tribute to motorsports and the original style of racing games, and the graphic design only attracts you to play and keep on playing.  cartoonishactual drifting and slidingA Proud DescendantCircuit Superstars isn’t shy about proclaiming that it takes after the first styles of racing games that used top-down perspective. Looking at it, you’ll be reminded of titles such as Micro Machines, Super Off-Road, R/C Pro-Am, Reckless Racing, Supercars 2, Skidmarks, and many more. The top-down style is a charming and nostalgic one amidst all these hyper-realistic racing simulators, and Circuit Superstars merely improves upon it not only by bringing it back but also by adding more exciting motorsports aspects for you to handle. You can now master new tracks, battle intensely for the chequered flag, manage the wear and tear of your car, and build your pit strategy during the races. Circuit Superstars emphasizes on staying true to the real-life action in racing, and now you can take part in it, as well. Despite its callback to older games, however, Circuit Superstars isn’t all old-school. You get to drive cars from different eras, too, like 60s-inspired single-seaters and souped-up GT specials—you can even race with a truck here. Micro Machinespit strategycallbackTake a DriveIf you’re a racing game enthusiast and are looking for a refreshing game that’s great eye candy, Circuit Superstars may be what you’re looking for. It’s a mix of child-like wonder in the fast-paced excitement of racing and real driving physics that the recent decades have been boasting. If you’re a newcomer to racing games, though, Circuit Superstars will still be a perfect starter for you. The dynamic driving system is easy to learn for anybody and you’ll soon be enjoying the other sides of motorsports.dynamic driving system


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