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A dark adventure with murderous creaturesDark Deception is a horror game for Windows PCs. With this game, you need to endlessly run around in mysterious hallways, keeping yourself safe from murderous creatures. It’s important to note that the game’s objective is simple. You need to collect a range of glowing shards without getting caught. Dark Deception mixes arcade and horror in its gameplay, just like other popular titles, including Poppy Playtime and Escape the Ayuwoki.horror gamecollect a range of glowing shardsmixes arcade and horrorPoppy PlaytimeEscape the AyuwokiDark Deception is the first chapter in the scary gaming series. In this action game, you need to investigate and survive in a deep maze. Since you’re not alone, you need to be careful at every step. You’ll face your fears, run away from monsters, and try to decode your way through a dark maze.first chapter investigate and survive in a deep mazeA story-driven horror game for Windows PCsIn Dark Deception, death awaits you at every step. The horror game takes a story-driven approach. While playing this game, you can’t hide or catch your breath. You just need to endlessly run and save yourself from monstrous creatures in a web of nightmarish mazes. The mysterious woman who is your only ray of hope to survive, helps you find the way out. death awaits you at every stepstory-driven approachendlessly run and save yourself What’s the storyline?At the beginning of the game, you meet a mysterious woman, who claims to see right through your mind. She gives you lessons on redemption from your sins and sends you to retrieve a range of glowing crystals. These objects line up in dark hallways of an abandoned hotel. The action game doesn’t give you much time to think, and you need to execute your plans almost instantly.you meet a mysterious womanlessons on redemption from your sins retrieve a range of glowing crystalsabandoned hotelWhile the graphics and audio is creepy, the mysterious woman warns you about numerous monsters waiting to catch you in the hallways. On top of this, you can’t even fight back, since these monsters can’t be beaten. The only way to survive is to run and get out of the maze.graphics and audio is creepymysterious woman warns you monsters can’t be beatenonly way to survive is to runHow’s the gameplay?Dark Deception uses the common arcade-style gameplay. However, the Windows game adds some thrill with numerous jump-scares you often expect from horror games. With the small guide map located at the corner of the screen, you can easily view the entire floor plan. In addition to this, you can get information about the crystals to collect and your character’s current location, which appears as a red dot.arcade-style gameplayjump-scares guide mapIt’s important to note that the map doesn’t display where monsters are waiting for you in the maze. Therefore, you need to rely on the sounds of footsteps, manic laughter, and your own anticipatory skills to avoid these creatures and keep yourself safe in the action game.rely on the sounds of footsteps, manic laughterSince the whole maze is dark, it can be difficult to spot the silhouettes of the monsters. However, if you keep looking at a specific corner closely, you’ll be able to see sharp teeth and glowing eyes hiding in the dark shadows. whole maze is darksee sharp teeth and glowing eyes The moment you see a monster, you need to run fast. Since you have limited lives in this game, you can only get caught a few times before it’s all over and you need to start from the first level.you need to run fastlimited livesDo the monsters look scary?With responsive controls, Dark Deception is a fun horror game for Windows PCs. The monsters look real and nightmarish. Moreover, there are enough monsters in the game to keep you gasping for air as you make your way through the dark hallways of the abandoned hotel. responsive controlsmonsters look real and nightmarishEach monster comes with unique behavior and personality. For this reason, you need to change your strategy every few seconds. The only thing that these monsters have in common is their ability to be terrifying.unique behavior and personalityA good game in the action and horror genreCompared to other similar games, Dark Deception proves to be scarier and more thrilling. Throughout the game, your heart will beat wildly as you try to keep yourself safe from murderous creatures. The gameplay leads to great build-up and every round feels unpredictable. Dark Deception proves to be scariergreat build-upevery round feels unpredictableThe popular action game leaves plenty of room to feel scared at every step in the game. Dark Deception is an enjoyable game with numerous scary elements. There are no instructions and you don’t need to solve any puzzles. Having said that, the game could have a few more modes and customizations to attract a larger fanbase. feel scared at every step


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