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Free Operating System AlternativeOperating systems (OS) are an integral part of your computer. These provide you with a set of basic programs and utilities that makes your computer run. However, most operating systems available today are expensive. Debian is a free operating system for your computer. This software, created by an association of various individuals, offers thousands of packages and pre-compiled programs bundled up in a nice format for easy installation. From editing documents and running a business to playing games and writing more software, this OS application has it all for you. utilitiesDebianfreeoperating systemthousands of packages and pre-compiled programseasy installationbusinessgamesThousands of Software PackagesWhen you think of a computer operating system, perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is Microsoft Windows. And who wouldn't? Since its introduction in 1985, Windows has remained the most popular OS for both home and office computers. However, despite its popularity, this operating system is not for everyone. For one thing, its price is high that if you only need an OS for your home computer, you might not find it worth shelling out a large sum of money.most popular OSprice is highIf you want to install an operating system that does not cost that much, then Debian is for you. This application boasts an incredible amount of software that you can add to your computer to work on your task. It comes with 51000 packages and a package manager to help you install everything with ease.does not cost that muchincredible amount of software51000 packagespackage managerDebian surpasses its competitions in terms of how well it integrates all its packages. The app packed all its software by a coherent group so that you can find all of them in a single site. Not only that, but it also assures you that all issues regarding complicated dependencies are already sorted. More so, this integration makes a Debian system more robust. integratescoherent groupmore robustHowever, while Debian offers thousands of software packages, some of the popular ones are not available. You cannot find familiar commercial office suites like Word and Excel. Debian, however, provides replacement programs with similar features such as LibreOffice, Calligra, and GNOME. popular ones are not availableWordExcelreplacement programsLibreOfficeEasy Installation and UpdateAnother thing that users would love about Debian is that the program is easy to install. You can do the installation directly from CD, Blu-ray, DVD, USB stick, or even network. Know that when you choose the install the app using a physical medium such as CD, you will have to pay for it. easy to installCD, Blu-ray, DVD, USB stick, or even networkIf you don't want to shell out any money, you can choose to download it directly from the net. Debian is distributed freely online. However, installing it using a CD is more straightforward and does not require an internet connection. More so, you can install the program on as many machines as you like and can even use the CD to easily rescue a damaged Debian system. distributed freely onlineFurthermore, due to its packaging system, upgrading the Debian system can be a snap. You can upgrade it over the net or from a CD in a matter of minutes. upgradingcan be a snapover the netfrom a CDWorth A TryAll in all, Debian is a nice alternative operating system. The app offers thousands of software packages that can help you in your day to day productivity. It gives you more control over your system, allowing customization while ensuring stability. More, the app can be easily installed and updated without the need to pay more cash. When you want to try a new desktop system, this program is worth a try. nice alternativemore controlcustomizationstabilityworth a try


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