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Mobile Device Integration With ComputersDell Mobile Connect is a utility and tools software created by Screenovate Technologies. The software enables the integration of mobile devices to Dell computers. It comes with extensive mobile tools for making the most out of mobile devices.Dell Mobile Connectutility and toolsintegration of mobile devicesmobile toolsmobile toolsmaking the mostFull Mobile Device ProductivityDell Mobile Connect is designed for maximizing the usage of mobile devices. Users can find this software on Dell models such as G-Series, Inspiron, Bluetooth-enabled Vostro PCs, and XPS. These models ensure seamless operation with the software. On the other hand, it accommodates both Android and iPhones. Users must ensure that their mobile devices have Android 6, and above, as well as iOS 10, and above. After connecting the mobile device to the computer with the software installed, users can open their mobile device’s basic features. The software utilizes a wireless connection with the selected mobile device. Its integration between the two platforms is advanced and complete. Users can access some of the contents and features of their mobile devices. The software allows controlling of their mobile devices with their computer’s mouse and keyboard. It even works with a touch screen display if available. This software can make or receive calls from the mobile device. Users can answer with their headset connected on computers. They can type text messages with the computer keyboard. Any updates or notifications are prompted on the software. Every contact from the mobile device can be checked on the computer. The main feature of this software is Screen Mirroring. It displays anything from the mobile device. This is perfect for sharing mobile contents or see better with a larger display. It can also enhance the engagement of users with their mobile apps. There is an option for file transferring. Users can move media files between the computer and mobile device for backup purposes. It includes a convenient drag-and-drop function to help users move a few or groups of files.Dell Mobile Connectwireless connectionadvanced and completemouse and keyboardtouch screenmake or receive callstype text messagesupdates or notificationscontactScreen Mirroringfile transferringdrag-and-drop functionLarger And More ProductiveDell Mobile Connect is meant for mobile device users who wish to increase their productivity. It maximizes the capabilities of mobile devices for a larger scale. The can receive or make calls, reply or compose messages, transfer files, get a larger display and access mobile apps on computers.Dell Mobile Connectmaximizes


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