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Digital audio workstation for live performanceDJ Mixer Express is a music mixer for your PC. It is simple to get started mixing music, videos, and karaoke. You can work with mp3 downloads from iTunes or a hard drive. Once your project is finished, you can share it easily with the mixervideosmp3 downloadsiTunes Full-featured mixerWith this virtual dj tool, you take advantage of the advanced features and capabilities. This software is great for beginners and seasoned DJs. This program is fun and intuitive.virtual djUsabilityDJ Mixer Express’s interface will feel familiar to anyone who has used a desktop audio software like it before. Even novice users will be able to navigate through functions.desktop audio softwareAt the top section of the screen you will see all of the expected options. There are two virtual desks, and controls for volume, filters, speed, and pan. At the bottom you will see your music database.virtual desksvolumemusic databasemusicTo start on your first project you only have to drag and drop in the songs. You can work with any downloaded MP3s.drag and dropdownloaded MP3sExpand your music libraryYou can seamlessly integrate your iTunes with DJ mixer express. Your mp3 song downloads will appear in your in-app database.mp3 song downloadsDJ Mixer Express for Windows supports the most common music formats. Work with MP3,WAV,WMA,MP4 and AIFF, among others.MP3WAVWMAMP4AIFFProfessional featuresThis software will take your session to the next level. You can create some projects that will really wow any crowd with this DJ board. In addition to audio, you can mix together video. Add karaoke and special effects like scratch, reverse, pitch, and break.DJ boardmix together videokaraokeThe output sound is high-quality. This dj app hosts a variety of control features that are helpful, especially for newer appThe perceptual gain control feature matches gain levels between decks. This way, your mixes always have a consistent volume. A Keylock will ensure that adjusting the pitch of a song doesn’t change the tone.perceptual gain controlKeylock With visualized waveforms that are zoomable and full song, you can see the real time parameters such as beats, tempo, and frequencing. Next-generation sync is a feature that allows djs to sync two songs and track BPM and beat-grids.visualized waveformsNext-generation syncBPMThe best features of this mixer are the loops and cues. With the click of a button, the software will create a beat-aware loop for segments one, two, four, or eight. The cue-points function allows you to easily create dj remix songs.loops and cuesdj remix songsCreative potentialAdd some of your own flavor into your mixes and choose from the extensive library of audio effects. If you aren’t sure and you’re just experimenting with different sounds you can use the song preview to check it effectssong previewWith the AutoMix Feature the mixer will mix your current list of songs with seamless DJ transitions. You can record your mixes and share them on your social media platforms.AutoMix FeatureDJ transitions. record your mixes If you’re throwing a party, it’s easy to output your visual mixes onto an external display without compromising your PCs DJ interface.external displayEasily automate controlsDJ Mixer Express interface that allows you to easily automate common tasks. You can set controls like beat mixing, automatic-gain, master-tempo, record mixes, automatic beat and tempo detection marry two songs in a perfect transition.beat mixingGreat for non-digital DJsThis software is great for old-school DJ’s with experience with a physical deck. While it doesn’t compare to the tangible magic of a mix-board, it will not feel completely foreign.physical deckmix-boardYou’ll have to manipulate everything at the top of the screen with your mouse. Other than that, this mixer works in the same way as what you’re used to. You can even scratch records, bend, spin, brake, mute, and fine-tune, just like you would do with a vinyl.scratch recordsvinylAlternativesThe trial version of DJ Mixer Express only allows you to play around with its tools for up to 20 minutes. After that you’ll have to subscribe. This is a good way to see if you’re interested in the software, but it’s quite annoying if you’re in the middle of a project.trial version of DJ Mixer ExpressIf you decide that it’s not for you, then consider alternatives like DJ Music Mixer for Windows or Virtual DJ.DJ Music MixerDJ Music MixerVirtual DJVirtual DJGet mixingWhile the free version of this software is relatively limited, DJ Mixer Pro is comprehensive, affordable, and professional. Any digital disc jockey will have fun making mixes. This program can produce tracks that you’ll want to share with the world.DJ Mixer ProThe newest version offers automatic BPM and additional auto effects and brake reproductiona and delay. Overall this is a great software, the only downside is how short the trial offer lasts.


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