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Audio-clipping, volume-adjusting softwareEasy MP3 Cutter is an easy-to-use application that enables you to split up your extensive audio records into smaller chunks. It's handy for trimming silences at the beginning and end of a recording, distributing files more efficiently, and setting them out for easy access. The software isn't for serious musicians, but it caters to those looking for the essential adjustment and clipping features.trimmingEasy, straightforward featuresThis piece of software serves a seamless, tiny audio editing tool for people who would find more feature-packed programs such as Audacity as a bit of an overkill.AudacityThe program is compatible only with MP3 and WAV files, without support for other typical audio data formats like OGG. You can use it to clip or adjust audio, or when you need only a part of the recording.MP3 and WAV filesAnother handy use is for clipping sections of music to use, for example, as your ringtone. So, in essence, whichever reason you have for cutting an audio file, it has you covered with precision and minimal hassle.clipping sections of musicNote, though, that its design caters to novice and casual users. You won't need any prior experience to learn it, but it won't help you with more advanced tasks, either. It isn’t a DAW like FL Studio or Cubase.novice and casual usersFL StudioCubaseFeatures and a simple UIAs its name suggests, this software simply cuts audio files. It isn't overly technical. You can even have it do the work automatically by specifying the desired duration of each clip. It also comes with an automatic silence detector, helping you note the parts that you want to be extracted.automatic silence detectorYou perform most of the functions through single mouse clicks. If you're handling file batches, it will split them for you. Furthermore, it can add ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags to your output files for a more comfortable separation.ID3v1 and ID3v2 tagsAnother useful feature is the visual splitting option. When you pick it, it shows you your audio in a waveform, and you manually choose where to cut via the interface.visual splitting optionWith the built-in audio player, you'll be able to hear the final product. Finally, this application doesn't recompress your files, which means you won't suffer a loss of quality during splitting.doesn't recompress your filesAvailable optionsAlthough this bundle of software doesn't feature many advanced options for changing your audio data, it's more than enough for general use.Apart from the trimming options, it allows you to play with volume. The 'Change Volume' button gives you granular control through a slider. You can also fade in and fade out your audio.play with volumeHow to use Easy MP3 CutterCutting your files through this application is straightforward. Once you launch it and load your data, you'll get to see it in the waveform for visual editing.waveform for visual editingYou then select the cutting region and click 'Cut' to remove the rest. From there on, you can add the available audio effects and adjust the volume.audio effects and adjust the volumeIf you make a mistake, it's easy to undo or redo the process. Finally, you can save the file in one of the output formats, and then you're done.undo or redoBugs and alternativesThe most significant disadvantage of this program is that it's not entirely free. It comes with a 30-day free-of-charge trial, after which you have to subscribe. Another issue is that it limits you to splitting your tracks only up to five parts.not entirely freeIf you want an alternative program, Timbre is similar, yet more advanced, while Shorts offers all the same features as the Easy MP3 cutter app. Furthermore, AIV MP3 Cutter comes with straightforward functions and editable MP3 tags. Simple MP3 Cutter Joiner Editor is great for the simplest of actions and compatible with various audio formats.AIV MP3 CutterSimple MP3 Cutter Joiner EditorTime-saving and handy for basic usagesIf you have to format audio files but aren't quite used to it, this application will save you a lot of time and effort. It's not the tool for you if you're looking for a much more powerful set of editing features. However, for simple changes, it's fantastic and will help you get the job done in seconds. As it's so lightweight, there's no reason not to keep it at hand.so lightweight


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