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A free application to create PDF filesFree PDF Editor is a simple and easy-to-use application that lets you create and modify PDF files. While the name suggests that the app lets you edit PDFs, it only does that for documents created using the application. Thus, you won’t be able to edit PDF files that you create using other programs. This could be a deterrent for users looking for a comprehensive and free PDF editor download that lets them fill PDF forms. easy-to-use application create and modify PDF filesfree PDF editor download While the application has its limitations, it does let users create and customize several PDF files. You can easily change the properties of any document and also include additional pages whenever required. The app also provides users with various page modes to make editing easier. That being said, several applications are better than Free PDF Editor, such as PDF Editor, PDFEscape Free PDF Editor, PDFill PDF Editor, and Documalis Free PDF Editor. has its limitationsprovides users with various page modes PDF EditorPDFEscape Free PDF EditorPDFill PDF EditorDocumalis Free PDF EditorIs the Free PDF Editor app easy to install?One of the best parts about downloading Free PDF Editor is that it is portable. This means that once you download the application, you don’t need to install it on your Windows computer. Instead, you can directly run the executable file and get started with the application. As an added benefit, you can easily take the application along with you on a USB disk. portabledon’t need to instaldirectly run the executable file What can you expect from the interface?Once you complete the download for Free PDF Editor, you get access to a simple application that is easy to use. However, when it comes to its interface, the design looks like an old Windows application. You can start by creating a document and then insert different elements. These elements include options like text, shapes, images, and more. complete the download include options like text, shapes, imagesYou can use your mouse to drop these elements onto the surface of the page. Once that’s done, all you have to do is drag them around and resize them according to your preference. After you’ve completed the document, simply click on save and share the PDF with others. However, if your try opening another PDF created from another application, you will face some difficulty. The Free PDF Editor often only opens the PDFs that it creates; all other files may lead to the application crashing. often only opens the PDFs that it createsHow can I edit a PDF file for free?If you’re looking to edit PDF files with this program, you will be disappointed. While the name clearly says Free PDF Editor, it is an editor for only PDFs created by the application. You can’t edit imported documents with this program. Nevertheless, if you download and use this tool to create PDFs, you can easily edit those without facing any trouble.  edit PDF filesan editor for only PDFs created by the applicationcan’t edit imported documents For starters, if you wish to add text to a PDF file, all you need to do is click on the ‘Insert Text’ option available on the primary menu of the Free PDF Editor app. Once you do that, you’ll see an input box that you can drop anywhere on the page and later drag into position. You can then type or paste the content you want and change its font, size, style, and color.add text to a PDF filechange its font, size, style, and colorSimilarly, the Free PDF Editor app has an insert image option that lets you upload and paste pictures onto a PDF file. The application supports all popular image formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and ICO. You can easily resize any image or crop it to suit your preference.  upload and paste pictures supports all popular image formatsIn addition to this, the PDF editor also lets you add different shapes to your documents. These shapes could be anything, from a rectangle to a square or an ellipse to a triangle. After you insert the shape, you can edit the border’s size, type, and color. You can also fill color into whichever shape you choose. add different shapes to your documentsedit the border’s size, type, and colorWhat can I do with the Free PDF Editor app?As mentioned earlier, you can use the Free PDF Editor to create, edit, and save PDFs. However, it is important to note that the functionalities only work on files created by this application. You can start by creating a document, giving it a name, and then editing it. It’s all very simple and doesn’t require any effort from the user’s end.create, edit, and save PDFsfunctionalities only work on files created by this applicationApart from creating a document, users can also add multiple pages to a single PDF document. All you need to do is click on the ‘Add Page’ icon available on the menu, and the page will get added. Deleting a page is just as simple, and can be executed using the Delete page icon. That being said, users should note that they can’t delete the first page of the document.add multiple pages to a single PDF documentDeleting a pageIn addition to this, users can also make changes to the properties of any PDF file using Free PDF Editor. You can edit elements, such as the date of the document, name of the creator, modification date, subject, title, keywords, and author. Users can also modify the height and width of different pages, along with the margins. make changes to the properties of any PDF file modify the height and width of different pagesFurthermore, users can create columns or utilize a single page layout. Since the program also has various page modes, users get the option to include outlines, thumbs, and other elements. Full-Screen mode lets you view the entirety of the PDF document without any distractions. Another important note is that the Free PDF Editor software only saves PDFs with the ‘.FPE extension’.has various page modesonly saves PDFs with the ‘.FPE extension’Does Microsoft have a free PDF Editor?Unfortunately, Microsoft Windows doesn’t come with a built-in PDF editor. In fact, it can be difficult to find a good and free PDF editor to download on your Windows PC. The Free PDF Editor Windows app is pretty good in this regard as it lets you create and edit a PDF file. However, it doesn’t have too many features and may frustrate users by not opening PDF files created by other applications.Free PDF Editor Windows app Should I download the Free PDF Editor app?Free PDF Editor was a great application when it was released. However, today there are many other applications released that offer a better interface and various advanced features. Even though it's a free application, this version of the Free PDF Editor app is quite limited in its approach and doesn’t let you edit PDFs that have been created by other programs.Free PDF Editor app is quite limited Soda PDF Pro + OCR is a complete, easy-to-use PDF reader, editor and creator that will be more than capable of meeting all your PDF needs.Soda PDF Pro + OCRPDF reader, editor and creatorUsing this PDF app couldn't be simpler - open the PDF you want to use, and use the tabs across the top to view, edit, comment and more. You'll be able to add bookmarks, make comments, view in different layouts and more. Soda PDF Pro + OCR also lets you make more substantial edits, changing text, adding images and more.PDF appIf you want to create PDFs with Soda PDF Pro + OCR, you won't have a problem. You'll be able to create from a completely blank page, a form template or even convert from a variety of other document formats. One excellent Soda PDF Pro + OCR feature is the ability to import and convert documents to PDF in batch.convert documents to PDF in batchYou'll also be pleased to see that Soda PDF Pro + OCR has good security functions, allowing you to encrypt you PDF or set a passwords and different levels of editing privileges.good security functionsOf course, what Soda PDF Pro + OCR offers that many of its competitors don't is optical character recognition (OCR). This means that the program can scan printed documents and interpret the text, leaving it ready for you to edit. True, it's relatively new technology, and the results aren't always 100%, but it's definitely a huge improvement of having to manually type information in by hand!Although not at the top of its game, Soda PDF is a solid PDF creation suite.Although not at the top of its game, Soda PDF is a solid PDF creation suite.


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