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Trial version of a basic converterWord to PDF converter  is a tool that allows you to convert Word documents to PDFs. The version you download is a trial that lasts 14 days - after that, you’ll have to pay to use it. Given the limited nature of the software, however, we don’t think that’s something you’re likely to want to do.Word to PDF converter WordPDFsUnderwhelming convert to PDF appIf you’ve ever wondered how to convert a Word documents to PDF, you might have come across Free Word To PDF Converter. We did, we tested it, and we were not very impressed. Here’s what we discovered.Word documents to PDFnot very impressedGetting started with Free Word To PDF ConverterDownloading this Word to PDF converter is very easy. You download the .exe, install the converter, and you can begin to use it immediately. There’s no funny business with the install process, you don’t need to sign up to anything, and you can start converting without any messing around, something we’re grateful for. Appearance-wise, this free PDF converter isn’t much to look at. It has a pretty standard Windows app look to it, not very old but not clean and modern either. Finding your way around is easy - it’s clearly marked where you can add files or folders of Word documents, there’s a large section in the center where the business of converting goes on, and the settings you can tweak are in the lower part of the funny business with the install processbusinessnot very old but not clean and modern either.How do I convert from Word to PDF?So, to actually convert your Word documents to PDF, you add them via the button - you can’t drag and drop. Once you have your Word documents lined up, check the output parameters in the lower-left corner, and hit the big green button. It couldn’t be easier. Unless you’re converting a lot of Word documents at once, the process should be very quick and smooth. If you’re lining up lots of docs, it might take a little longer, but not much.convertadd them via the buttonIt couldn’t be easierFree Word To PDF Converter has a few additional settings that might be of interest. You can choose the output folder (and decide to open it on completion or not), and choose to convert your documents using a queue system or in parallel. We don’t get any advice as to which is better, but we can assume that if you have many documents, in parallel might be more time-consuming. We don’t know this for sure, however, so you might want to run your own tests.choose the output folderqueue system or in parallelWho needs to convert Word to PDF?Free Word To PDF Converter does exactly what it claims to, quickly and smoothly. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and gives good results. So why aren’t we impressed? Well, firstly, although it’s called “Free Word To PDF Converter”, it isn’t. It’s a 14-day trial version of a paid product and its one saving grace - the ability to add a password to your converted PDF - is behind the paywall.a 14-day trial version of a paid productadd a passwordThis means that Free Word To PDF Converter is essentially a paid app that performs a task you can do for free elsewhere. Microsoft Word and Google Docs both allow you to save Word documents in PDF format. We suppose you might want your Word to PDF converter offline or you might somehow have a collection of Word documents that you didn’t create and can’t edit, in which case this app might be of interest. For the rest of us, however, it’s totally unnecessary and we wouldn’t waste our time.a paid app that performs a task you can do for free elsewhereMicrosoft WordGoogle DocsMost people don’t need this appHaving a paid app to do a task you can do for free elsewhere isn’t the worst sin imaginable (buyer beware, eh?), but calling it “free” when it most certainly isn’t doesn’t make a good impression. Instead, it’s actually a 14-day free trial of a paid app. Once those 14 days are up - in theory - you’ll have to pay up, or stop using the app. You may be OK with this if you’re just using it as a once-off, but it means the app isn’t a long-term free Word to PDF solution.the app isn’t a long-term free Word to PDF solutionFree Word To PDF Converter isn’t a bad app, it’s just underwhelming - it works well enough, but no one really needs an app to convert Word to PDF. Instead, when you’re creating or editing the document in Word or Google Docs, just pick the 'PDF' option when you go to download or save. Like we mentioned earlier, there could be a very small number of users who really do need a standalone Word to PDF converter and, if you do, this one will work. Just remember that it won’t stay free for won’t stay free for long


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