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Free transliteration softwareGoogle Input Tools is a free software extension that lets users enter text in another language when you cannot type the correct characters from your computer keyboard. It works on all devices that can access Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Translate, and YouTube. This extension supports over ninety languages. enter text in another languageGmailGoogle DriveGoogle TranslateYouTubeInput for a multilingual lifeYou can input text using a combination of transliteration, Input Method Editors, virtual keyboards, and handwriting. The input method will depend on the language you choose. It even allows keyboard shortcuts for changing languages when using Google Services.changing languages when using Google ServicesThis language input software is quite versatile as it allows different input methods for different languages. Let's look at how you can type in a different language using Google Input Tools on your Windows PC or touchscreen device.Transliteration and Input Method Editors (IMEs)Unlike translation, transliteration is based not on meaning but on phonetic similarity. With this method, the language editor converts the sounds of the word you type into a word with a similar sound in another language you choose.transliterationWith transliteration input, you type in the word you want in a different language based on what the word sounds like and how you would write it using your keyboard. The software then makes a list of words with a similar sound. You get to choose the word that best fits your needs. It can convert to more than twenty languages.Input Method Editors convert keystrokes based on the sounds of the letters. Each letter you type on your keyboard brings up a list of characters in the language you choose. You then select the character that best represents the letter or syllable you need.Input Method EditorsKeystroke conversion is available in seven IMEs. This method is particularly useful when there are counterparts for each letter in the other alphabet. You could, for example, write Russian using a French keyboard.Virtual keyboards vs. handwritingThe Google Input Tools extension comes with an on-screen keyboard allowing you to type in a different language with a virtual keyboard on the lower right corner of your screen. Click on each character using a mouse on regular PCs or tap with your fingers on touchscreen laptops, tablets, and smartphones.on-screen keyboardThe Google typing software offers more than 90 keyboards in different languages. It even allows symbols for unusual characters you can't find on the keyboard. It's a fast way to switch between alphabets when you want to write in two languages.Google typing softwareswitch between alphabetsThe handwriting tool lets you draw the words using a mouse, optical pen, touchscreen stylus, or your finger, whether you have a touchscreen-enabled device. It works wonders with pictographic languages.handwriting tooltouchscreen-enabledtouchscreenAn optical tracing recognition feature translates your drawing of the word into the nearest character with a similar shape. Then you choose between different options in a textbox.optical tracing recognitionThe solution for writing in several languagesIf you are a citizen of the world who grew up learning different languages, or need several languages for your work, you love the multicultural, multilingual global community we have nowadays. Many Internet websites come in more than two languages or allow instant translation.multilingual global communitytranslationSigns at tourist attractions and points of interest come in at least three languages. Yet your average keyboard displays only one alphabet on its keys. This is not a problem if you work in only one language, but in the world today, people need to speak, read and write in many.The best-known solution is to search the symbols tab for unusual characters in applications such as Word or Google Docs. This method is time-consuming and inconvenient for people who need to type in different languages and often switch between two or more.symbols tab for unusual charactersWordGoogle DocsAs one of the leading providers of global communication services, Google is aware of the keyboard display limitation. It came up with a solution: virtual keyboard and keystroke translation tools which enable users to switch from one keyboard to another in a different language.keyboard display limitationA time-saving tool for a fast-paced worldThe virtual keyboard Google input tool is available for more than seventy languages with different letters, syllabic or pictographic characters. There is a Hindi input download, a simplified Chinese keyboard, a Marathi keyboard download, a phonetic Cherokee keyboard, among many others.Hindi input downloadMarathi keyboard downloadRather than looking for special characters in word processor apps, you can have a keyboard designed for the language of your choosing. Not having to rely on constant searches for different characters saves you lots of time on your busy schedule.saves you lots of timeIf the pronunciation of a word is too hard for you to emulate using a Latin-based keyboard, you can draw it with a pen mouse or with your finger on a touchscreen. This option is much easier than looking for an image of the written word, then copying and pasting it onto a document.Meet your virtual, multilingual helper The Google Input Tools virtual keyboard for Windows enables you to switch from one language to another between your PC keyboard and your on-screen keyboard. The Input Method Editors translates keystrokes into their counterparts in another language.Need a more phonetic language? Try the transliteration tool to write the phonetic equivalent of words. Want a more visual method? Draw one-character words using the handwriting tool. The Google Input Tools extension makes typing in a different language hassle-free on all your devices.Google Input Tools extensionSupports Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP platforms.Windows 11


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