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A Classic Gangster StoryGTA San Andreas is an action game created by Rockstar Games. The action game is well-recognized open world exploration with an engaging story to follow. Players try to rise in the ranks of the gangsters in the fictional San Andreas. GTA San Andreasactiongameopen worldProvoking the TabooRockstar Games is one of the largest Western game development company existing today. They gained notoriety for their violent games yet gamers loved them. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is their main game series noted for open-world exploration along with the ability to shoot virtually anyone with dire consequences. It upsets conservatives and politicians due to its closeness with real-life incidents even if the game franchise was a satire of modern society. Their other popular open-world games are Max Payne, Bully, Red Dead Redemption II, and L.A. Noire Grand Theft AutoMax PayneBullyRed Dead Redemption IIL.A. NoireNostalgia For the 90s GangsGTA San Andreas takes place in the fictional Los Santos, San Andreas during the 90s. Players take the role of a former gangbanger Carl “CJ” Johnson. CJ returns from Liberty City five years after he left his crime-ridden hometown. His mother was murdered by a drive-by shootout and his local gang Grove Street Families has fallen apart. Players are tasked to reunite the gang and establish their dominance against rival gangs, large syndicates and even corrupt officials who framed him for murder. The game has been noteworthy for having a very large voice cast. This game has more than 30 hours of gameplay due to the open-world exploration. Places range from the cul-de-sac to busy streets, the city, mountainside, countryside, seaside, gambling facilities, and even a secret military base. Players are free to do the story mode, perform sidequest, earn reputation, enact heists, enjoy recreational activities or simply do a rampage against pedestrians and the police. Enacting too much violence will raise his wanted meter from 1 to 5 where 5 will bring the entire army against them. Players can also gain higher Criminal Ratings every time they earn money, complete tasks and kill enemies. Their rating lowers every time they get arrested, killed or using the official cheats. CJ can be customized according to the taste of the players. They can bulk him up, give him a fresh haircut, get a new housing for him and suit him up. Weapons, bulletproof armor, and vehicles are acquirable by visiting stores. One of the most iconic features of GTA San Andreas is the cheats and mods. Rockstar Games have already provided some of the iconic cheats like infinite money, invulnerability, dropping the wanted meter, spawning vehicles and so much more. Community-coded cheats allow players to change the character models, have ridiculous superhero powers, add new weapons and vehicles, and even change the overall game behavior. Everyone can have countless hours of fun while disregarding the original story for the sake of a power trip.GTA San Andreasvery large voice castmore than 30 hoursopen-worldwanted meterCriminal RatingscustomizedcheatsmodsStill Stronger Than EverGTA San Andreas has stood the test of time due to its vast contents, memorable scenes and the unlimited hours of exploration. The graphics may look dated compared to its further games but the fact that many still play this game proves its excellence.GTA San AndreasA patch has been created later on in 2019.patch


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