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Free Your Voice with GSnapSingers are always looking for new ways to either improve their vocals or get creative with them. Many artists in the mainstream are using auto tuners to module their voices creating a modern synthetic sound. Software like GSnap can help you with that either subtly correcting pitch or adding a whole new effect. Anyone can have fun modulating their voice with this free program.Electronic Voice ControlGSnap is a very powerful tool given that it?s free. All you need is a monophonic input signal (a microphone can be used) and this software can auto-tune the sound. This can be done to a small degree helping you to correct your pitch or you can ramp it up to create a robotic sound. The latter is quite fun and could be useful for things other than singing. You can even use the software on non-vocal sounds to make strange effects. The software interface is like a sound board with twelve control knobs. It?s a little tricky to use. You?ll get the most out of it if you know about audio.Smart SoundGSnap is definitely useful and it?s great at modulating pitch for whatever purpose. It?s powerful software but it?s also a little tricky to install requiring you install plug-in DLLs. Once you get the hang of it you have a lot of control.


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