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GTA: San Andreas Homeboys for Windows

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Free San Andreas screensaver for personal computersGTA: San Andreas Homeboys Screensaver can be a great idea for anyone who is still a fan of this fast-paced 2004 game. The screen saver itself is very easy to install and a download will normally take less than a minute. It is compatible with the majority of Windows operating systems and as this bundle is freeware, there are no charges associated with an installation.Main Benefits and UsesGTA: San Andreas Homeboys Screensaver is an excellent way to bring back the nostalgic days of this game and it could also be a welcome addition when compared to the rather generic screen savers provided by the majority of operating systems. The program features a still shot from the GTA: San Andreas opening scene and the graphics themselves are highly detailed.Additional DetailsPleas note that GTA: San Andreas Homeboys Screensaver can only be downloaded for Windows computers. It is supported by Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The user also has the option to customise specific settings such as the screen resolution and the size of the background image. An installation wizard can be used as a guide during the download process and a small file size is perfect for those with a limited amount of memory.


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