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Survival stealth game for mobileHello Neighbor is a free adventure game for mobile devices developed by tinyBuild. It is a stealth survival title wherein players are tasked with investigating their paranoid neighbor and sneaking into the basement of his house to uncover the secrets he is hiding and explain the reason for his behavior.Hello Neighboradventurestealth survivalinvestigatingsneakingSimilar to Angry Neighbor or Scary Teacher, Hello Neighbor employs survival elements in its gameplay that will have players do whatever they can to avoid getting caught. They will also need to solve puzzles to uncover secrets, progress the story, and know more about its main antagonist.Angry NeighborScary Teacheravoid getting caughtsolve puzzlesHello, Mr. PetersonIn Hello Neighbor, you play Nicky Roth who has recently moved into a house in the suburbs. You notice your next-door neighbor, Mr. Peterson acting strange and paranoid as if he is hiding something in the basement of his house. You decide to investigate things further by sneaking into his house and trying to find out what it is he is desperately attempting to conceal from everyone.investigateThe core gameplay of this adventure game revolves around the concept of stealth and survival. You must hide and avoid getting detected by Mr. Peterson. If he spots you, he will chase and capture you at all costs. You can equip up to four items, some of which can be used to stun or slow him down to help increase your chances of getting away unscathed.hide and avoid getting detected and capture youup to four itemsstun or slowThe game's AI is continuously learning from your previous actions to help it come up with traps and obstacles to make your next attempt harder and more complicated. There are a few caveats to be aware of, though, and they are the persistent lag throughout the game and, for the lack of a better term, janky controls. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed sooner rather than later.continuously learningtraps and obstaclespersistent lagjanky controlsRun and hideIf you like playing stealth and survival titles, then give Hello Neighbor a try. It offers an adventure that features a simple, yet surprisingly challenging gameplay. The story is also quite intriguing and will slowly unfold as you uncover more secrets. It may have some issues with performance and controls, but it is still worth checking out if you're a fan of these types of games. Recommended.simple, yet surprisingly challenging


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