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Free VoIP app with SMSIMO is a chat and instant messaging app with a twist. It doubles as an SMS sender and receiver. The app might appear very similar to other messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, or Skype. But, it differs in that it offers not only SMS messaging but high-definition video and voice chat on any stable internet connection.IMO chat and instant messagingSMS senderreceiverWhatsAppHangoutsSkypehigh-definitionvideo voice chatPacked with features The social and communications app can thrive on a stable Wi-Fi connection or in 2G, 3G, and 4G data package. The app’s crystal-clear audio allows you to have a private voice or video call anywhere, anytime. You can have a one-on-one conversation, or you can have a conference call with up to six people. social and communicationscrystal-clear audioone-on-one conversationconference IMO also allows you to make free international calls. And if you are worried about your security, IMO is an encrypted call and messaging app. If you're looking to also share files within the chat, the app supports popular file formats, such as doc, .mp3, .zip, and .pdf. The app also comes with the IMO cloud, a reliable feature that allows you to save your files and messages. It can even restore files and messaging international callsencrypted share filessupports popular file formatsIMO cloudrestore The messaging platform presents a feature called Story. This allows you to share photos and clips containing snippets of content that even your friends can interact with by commenting or reacting to your posts. IMO caters to social butterflies by letting you create groups with 10,000 to 100,00 members, and even lets you meet new people you share similarities with on IMO Zones.     Storyshare create groupsIMO ZonesLeaves you wanting more Log into IMO on your desktop, and you'll be confronted by a simple, minimalist interface. You have a window for messaging and a window for your contacts, with little else. Simplicity could be seen as IMO's best features, but other, more IM-savvy users may find that it limits customization options. IMO does deliver its promise high video and audio quality, even when you have as many as six people in a call. But - as with all video or voice chat applications - having the fastest and most stable internet connection will yield the best experience. The app also makes things convenient for you; contacts will transfer automatically from your device's contact list. Of course, these contacts will need to be IMO users for you to be able to chat with them. simple, minimalistlimits customization optionshigh video and audio quality


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