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Pure Farming 2018 for Windows

4.4 (60person)
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Cool Game for Simulation FansPure Farming 2018 is a simulation game that puts players behind tractors and other types of mean machines with the aim of running their very own farm. The game comes with an interesting back story that helps to set the scene and draw players in right away.Down on the FarmOne of the great things about Pure Farming 2018 is that players are invited to experience what it might be like to be a farming entrepreneur. Rather than simply having one plot of land that they have to tirelessly plant with seeds and harvent the crops when they are ready, they have the chance to take over more pieces of land and even travel to other countries. Players who really want to dominate will need to have a head for figures and the ability to multi-task.Do You Have the Heart of a True Farmer?With farms spread across four different continents to take over and develop and plenty of different types of tasks, Pure Farming 2018 is certainly not repetitive. However, players who do not have a love of all things home grown may find that the game drags a little in places.


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