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An App for Weathering Storms... And Learning About ThemThe Weather Network for Windows 10 provides the same great information the Weather Network has been offering since it was exclusively a television channel but provides additional information as well and does it on demand. You can get a widget to go with the app or use it on its own if you'd rather dig right into the details of the day's or week's weather.When The Fog's Coming You'll Be ReadyThe Weather Network for Windows 10 provides both current and historic information from stations in the Canada US and the UK. Coverage is best in Canada but still good in the other two regions and includes both weekly and long-term (two week) forecasts. It also includes radar and some historical information. All of this is organized for optimal viewing too.A Simple ChoiceThe Weather Network for Windows 10 is an incremental upgrade to an app people have been using for years. In Canada the Weather Network is the second most popular mobile hotspot and exceeds even the government's own weather information sources in its number of users. Thus outside of the occasional blemish any software has you're assured of quality. If you only casually check the weather now and then something smaller like the web app or widget might be better for you. But if you care what it'll be like later today or tomorrow this app is worth using.


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