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Truck haulage company simulatorTransRoad: USA is a truck haulage company simulator. Beginning with a single truck and basic contracts, you are tasked with expanding your business across the entire US.On the open roadWith an incredibly detailed management scheme comprising everything from driver's schedules to bidding for new contracts, TransRoad: USA is a simulator with a deep level of strategy and potential. The game starts with a decent tutorial which covers the basics but a large amount of the UI and extra settings are in odd places, resulting is in a fairly step learning curve. Success depends on keeping lots of different balls in the air, from delivering goods on time to hiring the right drivers. Eventually, players have a huge number of different truck routes across the entire country, at which point the poor interface goes from an annoyance to a frustration. TransRoad: USA looks and feels like an early access title, from the constant crashes and frame rate dips to lacklustre controls and menus. Patches and updates are in the works, but the game still has an all too large range of problems to be a truly engaging game.Way to goTransRoad: USA is a disappointing case of missed potential. If the updates manage to fix issues with the interface and general stability, then the game could be fantastic.


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