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WIDCOMM Bluetooth 10 & 8 for Windows

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Wireless Technology for a Range of DevicesBluetooth technology allows for cable-free communication between a range of devices. Using a universally approved standard it allows a variety of equipment including computers cell phones games printers keyboards speakers and headphones to link automatically without human intervention. Hardware includes antennae and a chip comprising a receiver and baseband with a digital signal microprocessor. The software WIDCOMM Bluetooth for Windows 10 & 8 32-Bit offers powerful diagnostics and simple integration.Linking to a Personal Area Network (PAN)Thanks to WIDCOMM Bluetooth for Windows 10 & 8 32-Bit all PAN enabled devices can spontaneously join your network with no direct action once they are within range. It consumes very little power therefore does not drain battery life. Devices can be easily inter-operable without installing cables or multiple software downloads. Range varies from 30-300ft radius. Security is a key issue and WIDCOMM Bluetooth for Windows 10 & 8 32-Bit includes flexible encryption and frequency hopping techniques to maintain the privacy of the network. In addition authentication at baseband level ensures only identified users are able to access your personal network.Downloading the softwareTo communicate with WIDCOMM Bluetooth for Windows 10 & 8 32-Bit all devices need to be Bluetooth enabled or require a USB plug-in adapter. Once Bluetooth is switched on users simply run the program and follow the on-screen instructions.


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