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Quick, lightweight way to read Word documentsDo you want to open or print a Microsoft Word document, but don't have the program installed? With Word Reader, you have a free, lightweight program that will open and print documents in seconds.Word Reader is ideal for netbooks, or anyone who doesn't want Microsoft Word installed. Not everyone uses word processors, after all. You can't edit documents at all, but Word Reader opens files mostly without problems, and opens faster than a big word processor too. There are few options, like background color and font size, but little else.Word reader's only big problem seems to be a bug with the full screen view - it often crashes when you try to exit. Printing is as simple as it could be, and clicking the highlight button means you can save anything in the document to your clipboard, to use however you want. Most documents open fine in Word Reader, but there are occasional formatting problems, which aren't a problem if you only want to read something, though if you want to print it is annoying.Word Reader isn't perfect, but works well as a quick way to open up Word documentsWord Reader isn't perfect, but works well as a quick way to open up Word documents


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