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Open World Space Crafting and ExplorationAvorion is an open world space sandbox where players can build ships, fight enemies and collect resources. Ships can be upgraded and customised with a variety of weapons to create unique play styles while the open world system allows for alliances and treachery in a procedurally generated universe.More to ComeWith inspiration drawn from other fan favourites like EVE and Star Citizen, Avorion taps into the craze for interesting open world games with crafting systems. Although in early access currently (meaning the game is not finished), the game has found a large and dedicated fan base thanks to frequent mod updates. The game has an obvious indie graphical style but with a robust crafting system that will appeal to certain gamers. Exploration is engaging, the faction system works well and future development looks bright.One for the FansAvorion is a promising game with lots to offer those who enjoy this style of play. The early access status should be a warning, however, as the price tag is fairly high for what is basically an unfinished game. For those who are interested, it may well be worth a purchase thanks to a design team which frequently updates the player base. With high user scores and a solid base to build on, Avorion is one to watch.


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