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A free, powerful 2D and 3D CAD toolDraftSight is a free design and drafting software program that you can use for CAD projects and 2D drawings. Designed by Dassault Systemes, the Windows application offers several features like automatic formatting, multiple design templates, and comparison preview. For beginners, the software provides comprehensive training with the help of webinars and documentation. DraftSight download isn’t limited to Windows and is also available for download on macOS computers.provides comprehensive trainingmacOS What is DraftSight?Equipped with various formatting and editing tools, DraftSight is a computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) solution. With its help, you can create 2D sketches and complete other CAD projects with efficiency and ease. The program features an interface whose ease of use makes any transition from another CAD application possible and seamless. create 2D sketches and complete other CAD projectsanother CAD applicationWhen you complete the DraftSight free download, you get access to various features and functions to improve your overall productivity. The program lets you open and save files in different file formats, including XF and DWG. It also lets you use command-prompts, perform quick measurements, and complete batch printing of your work. DraftSight free downloadLastly, the app includes various webinars and documentation to help you along in the process.What is the use of DraftSight?The 2D and 3D drafting and design solution is extremely useful for completing architectural, mechanical, and design projects. It eliminates the need for manual grafting with automated solutions, so users can create conceptual projects and design product layouts. With DraftSight, you can easily view, create, revise, and markup both 2D and 3D files quickly and accurately.view, create, revise, and markup both 2D and 3D filesCustomizable and user-friendly interfaceThe primary goal of Dassault Systemes was to create an application that anyone could use, even those who had limited knowledge of CAD. Does it show! The layout of the software is such that you can customize it based on your needs. You can move around menus and toolboxes, employ automatic editing tools, and include all elements that you use daily.employ automatic editing toolsStarting a new project is quite simple, and you can even use the DraftSight free download to import previously created drawings. You can then edit these renderings using unique elements available on the workflow. Once you begin, you can compare your drafts or use the design library to make changes. In case you wish to add annotations or symbols, you can do so easily using the toolbox visible in the window.DraftSight free downloadadd annotations or symbolsYou can also use most functions that you see on the dashboard with a single click. For users familiar with CAD, the app supports keyboard shortcuts, so drafting, designing, and editing are a breeze. supports keyboard shortcutsThe premium plan of DraftSight download includes a feature that can help you automate different processes that you regularly perform.Number items accuratelyDraftSight 2019 for Windows offers its users the Cartesian Coordinate System. The user environment consists of a range of coordinates that can help users accurately determine the length and breadth of their drawing or project. This organizational technique is quite useful for architects, engineers, and manufacturers using CAD software to create a 2D design of their respective projects.useful for architects, engineers, and manufacturersImport a range of file formatsOne of the best aspects of using DraftSight Standard is its support of almost all file formats. This means you can attach or import different formats like JPEG, J[G, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, DGN, and GIF to your drawings. Once you complete a project, you can export it to a range of image formats.DraftSight StandardInclude various entitiesThe free version of DraftSight lets users include numerous entities in their drawings. Some of these entities are tables, blocks, lines, pointers, masks, and hyperlinks, among others. These setups and displays are easy to add, and you can edit them as per your requirement.free version of DraftSightProvide documentationWhen using DraftSight download, you can attach comprehensive documentation explaining the thought process behind the project. The feature that helps you with this is called PDF Underlay. attach comprehensive documentationUsing it, you can add several pages in  PDF format, so anyone interested in your project has easy access to the documents you’ve shared.Print in a batchDraftSight includes a feature called Batch Printing, which lets users print their sketches as a set. Additionally, all of the batch files get saved together, so any time you wish to review the files that you have printed, you can do so via the Batch Print List available in the program.batch files get saved togetherEnhance the tool using APIsA function that most professionals will find useful is DraftSight supports using APIs. That means you can customize the application or automate different processes using third-party APIs. Once enhanced, the software will function as per your unique design and drafting needs.customize the applicationIs DraftSight still free?The basic version of DraftSight is still free to download and use. That said, the software was designed by Dassault Systemes to function as an alternative tool to other industry standard options. It includes numerous features that you wouldn't find in other similar free programs and comes with various premium plans that you can upgrade to for additional features. includes numerous featuressimilar free programsAre there any alternatives?While DraftSight is one of the best free CAD software available in the market, it does have competition. In case you would like to explore alternative options, you should check out AutoCAD, eCADLite, SmartDraw, and FreeCAD.AutoCADAutoCADeCADLiteeCADLiteSmartDrawSmartDrawFreeCADFreeCAD  Should I download DraftSight? Yes.DraftSight is a powerful CAD software program that offers all the features that you wouldn’t otherwise find in a free tool.You'll have access to components that make 2D and 3D modeling clean and professional-looking.If at any time you require additional functionality, you can easily upgrade to the premium plan. The feature-rich program is a suitable 2D and 3D design and drafting solution for both beginners and professionals. 


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