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An easy-to-use virtual keyboard!Free Virtual Keyboard is a great tool to help you write in Microsoft Windows PCs without the native physical keyboard. It’s a popular standalone application, which can be used from a basic USB stick. Compared to the Google virtual keyboard download, Free Virtual Keyboard has a simpler and cleaner interface with several functions of a physical keyboard. While using this app, you can type into an active on-screen keyboard. Free Virtual Keyboard is the perfect choice for touchscreen PCs. You can also use this app whenever there’s an issue with the physical keyboard, ensuring you don’t have to skip work or entertainment. Free Virtual Keyboard is compatible with the new Windows 11 operating system.Google virtual keyboardsimpler and cleaner interface with several functionstype into an active on-screen keyboardperfect choice for touchscreen PCsWindows 11The perfect replacement for your physical keyboard!Free Virtual Keyboard is an easy and simple-to-use portable app for Windows 10 and other PCs. This tool comes with all the capabilities of a physical keyboard. As such, it’s an excellent replacement for Windows keyboards and comes with performance improvements, additional buttons, a resizable window, and a simple interface.easy and simple-to-use portable appcomes with performance improvements, additional buttons, a resizable window, and a simple interfaceSince the app is light on system requirements, it runs fast and doesn’t slow down other programs running on the PC. While Free Virtual Keyboard doesn’t come with visual effects, you can use different themes to change the appearance of the window.different themes to change the appearanceComes with a numerical keypadLike most portable keyboards, such as On-screen Keyboard Portable and Jitbit Virtual Keyboard, even this one comes with a numeric keypad. It’s worth mentioning that the app has been designed with a focus on touchscreen devices. However, it works well with standard desktops and laptops, since it’s clickable with a mouse. The low-key, simple design includes customizable items, which means you can match the appearance of the keyboard with your PC’s desktop theme.On-screen Keyboard PortableJitbit Virtual Keyboardnumeric keypadResizable window for convenienceOnce you download this virtual keyboard, you can start using the app instantly. The software remains open on top of all other windows. Therefore, you can use Free Virtual Keyboard anytime. There’s no need to tap the computer screen multiple times to get the keyboard back up or dig deeper into accessories to start typing. However, you can minimize the app as per your preferences and requirements.Additional buttons for ease-of-useAs mentioned earlier, Free Virtual Keyboard comes with some additional buttons, which help you perform several tasks with ease. For instance, there’s a button to bring up the ‘Start’ menu. Another one instantly brings up the PC’s local menu on the screen. Depending on the program you’re using, it’s easy to move the keyboard around the screen for better placement and visibility.If you’d like, a couple of clicks can disable the number pad, which makes it easier to use other large-sized buttons on the keyboard. Additionally, it’s possible to turn the entire keyboard transparent by using a sliding scale. It helps you further increase screen space while ensuring that the keyboard is available for usage at all times.Compared to Hot Virtual Keyboard and other competitors, when you download keyboard by Comfort Software Group on Windows, it focuses on ease-of-use with a simple and clean interface. For instance, once you release the ‘Shift’ button, the keyboard doesn’t release it until you press the button again. While using the keyboard, there are times when you’d want to press some keys while holding the ‘Shift’ button. This feature helps save a good amount of time and makes it easier to use the keyboard for multiple tasks.Hot Virtual Keyboardsimple and clean interfaceIn almost every other virtual keyboard download, when you press the ‘Shift’ button, followed by another key, the system releases the ‘Shift’ button. Over time, this can be confusing and annoying, making you go back to the physical keyboard sooner than later. With Free Virtual Keyboard, you don’t have to worry about this issue anymore.How do you get a virtual keyboard?As mentioned earlier, Free Virtual Keyboard is a portable app. As such, it doesn’t leave any traces or data in your PC’s Windows Registry. The program can be copied on any USB stick or other storage devices. In order to use the program, you only need to plug-in the device into the PC, and the system auto-installs the app.plug-in the device into the PC, and the system auto-installs the appIt’s worth mentioning that Free Virtual Keyboard lets you switch to the full-screen mode, change the color of the keyboard, switch to a different theme, and customize the transparency level. Most virtual keyboards don’t come with these features, and therefore, Free Virtual Keyboard has become a popular choice among PC users around the world.Why should you use a virtual keyboard?As opposed to other options like OS-Keyboard, Free Virtual Keyboard has been specifically designed with touchscreen laptops and pen computing in mind. The standard keyboard layout comes with large-sized buttons, allowing ease-of-use and convenience. Moreover, the slider controls and transparency can be customized as per your preferences.OS-Keyboardspecifically designed with touchscreen laptops and pen computing in mindslider controls and transparency can be customizedHowever, the app does come with a few limitations. For instance, it doesn’t support a wide range of languages, and further updates would be needed to type in other languages, such as Japanese. Currently, English, French, and other commonly used languages are auto-detected.Moreover, the app doesn’t offer scanning or hover delay entry features. But when you consider this app from a pen computing or touchscreen perspective, it makes a lot of sense. With the simple interface, you can start using the app instantly.The best part about using Free Virtual Keyboard is that you can move it around the screen and adjust the size as per your preferences. Since it works as a physical keyboard, the pressed buttons are automatically sent to your web page, email client, word processor, or another application.Since it’s light on system resources, you don’t have to worry about running multiple programs on the PC while using Free Virtual Keyboard. While the app crashes unexpectedly sometimes, it doesn’t cause any frequent or recurrent issues. Overall, this online keyboard download is a great choice.A great choice among virtual keyboards!With several features, such as portability, ease-of-use, resizable window, and more, Free Virtual Keyboard for laptop is an excellent choice. This keyboard virtual comes with a numeric pad, several themes, and additional buttons for ‘Insert’, ‘Delete’, ‘Print Screen’, ‘Start Menu’ and more. As such, once you start using Free Virtual Keyboard, you won’t be disappointed.portability, ease-of-use, resizable window


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