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Hand-Integrated RPG for Personal ComputersThe impact of role-playing games has been enhanced since the introduction of VR technology. Hand Simulator allows players to interact with various environments in order to progress to more challenging levels.Basic Concept and GameplayHand Simulator offers gamers a truly "hands-on" feel when interacting with various realistic environments. There are many different scenarios which will be encountered. Some of these are as simple as playing a game of chess or fishing. Others such as manipulating weapons require a great deal of skill and therefore, a significant learning curve is great for those who have been looking for a tactile challenge. This platform is under steady development, so more levels are being added. These levels are often the direct creations of the players themselves.Additional VR OptionsHand Simulator offers a multiplayer mode, so friends can join in on the fun. Achievements are awarded along the way and these are posted within the virtual community. There is also an offline mode which can be played. The HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are the only headsets currently supported by Hand Simulator.


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