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A free and feature-rich PDF editorPDF-Xchange Editor is a free PDF viewer and editor that users can download on their Windows computers. With the help of this PDF Editor free tool, users can create, edit, fill, sign, highlight, and annotate PDF files. The app is free, but it does come with a few trial functions that add a watermark to the final output. Users can get rid of this watermark by purchasing a license for the program’s premium version. free PDF viewer and editor PDF Editor freefew trial functionsWhat does the PDF-Xchange Editor do?PDF-Xchange Editor free download is a successor to the company’s PDF-Xchange Viewer, a software program that could open PDF files on your PC. Apart from its fresh design, the editor lets users create, modify, and highlight PDFs. You can also use it to fill forms, add comments, strikeout text, select and highlight sections, include links, and do much more. PDF-Xchange Editor free downloadPDF-Xchange Viewercreate, modify, and highlight PDFsUnlike other similar PDF editors, the software has a track change feature that lets you see all the changes made to a file. You can use the program to extract content or delete pages to decrease the file size. You can even add images and additional documents to a PDF. has a track change featureadd images and additional documentsAs a whole, converting PDFs to other formats and scanning documents into editable pages is effortless. What are the app’s primary features?When you download PDF-Xchange Editor free on your Windows computer, you get access to a clean and intuitive interface that contains a variety of editing tools. The program’s primary function is to make sure that users can easily fill forms, edit text, and add or delete pages from PDF files. You can use the app to add pictures, text, and barcodes to a PDF file or draw directly using the brushes toolbar.PDF-Xchange Editor freeeasily fill formsSince the application comes with OCR or optical character recognition function, you can use it to convert scanned pages into editable text. In addition to this, the program provides various settings that make for a comfortable viewing experience. You can use functions like zoom, thumbnail preview, continuous page viewing, and spell-check to read and edit PDF documents.comes with OCRcomfortable viewing experienceDoes PDF-Xchange Editor support different file formats?One of the best parts about PDF-Xchange Editor for Windows 10 is that it supports multiple file formats and not just PDFs. That means you can use the program’s features to edit and create documents with extensions like JPG, PNG, DOC, TXT, DOCX, PPT, XLS, DCX, TGA, GIF, BMP, and more. You can also open many documents in different tabs of the platform. PDF-Xchange Editor for Windows 10 open many documents in different tabsAdditionally, the free PDF editor and tracker software lets users export their creations via email, SharePoint, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Since it supports a range of file formats, you can easily edit a PDF and convert it into a PPT or Word document before sharing. The OCR function lets you edit and translate offline pages and run them through the built-in spell checker.  SharePointGoogle DriveDropboxbuilt-in spell checkerHow do I delete text in the PDF-Xchange Editor?To delete text using PDF-Xchange Editor download, you need to use the Edit PDF function and then select the text you wish to delete. Once it is selected, the program will show you a small toolbar containing various editing tools that let you add or remove text. You can also use the program to add, shrink, enlarge, and delete images. PDF-Xchange Editor downloadadd, shrink, enlarge, and delete imagesCan PDF-Xchange Editor convert PDF to Excel?The functionality to convert PDF files to other formats and vice versa is a feature that makes PDF-Xchange Editor for Windows 10 quite popular. To convert a PDF to Excel, you need to click on the Export PDF function and choose Microsoft Excel Workbook in the export format option. You can even create PDFs from scanned images, documents, text files, and more. PDF-Xchange Editor for Windows 10 Is PDF-Xchange Editor free?You can download and use PDF-Xchange Editor on your PC for free. However, some functions are only available for trial and leave a watermark when being used. PDF-Xchange Pro is the app’s premium version that includes access to all of these paid features. PDF-Xchange ProPDF-Xchange ProAre there any alternatives?PDF-Xchange Editor is a popular PDF editor that gives paid Adobe Acrobat Pro tool a run for its money. However, the app still has a few functions that are only available for trial. In case you want a full-featured PDF editor, you should also check out apps like Sejda PDF Desktop, Free PDF Editor, and PDFescape Editor.  popular PDF editorAdobe Acrobat ProAdobe Acrobat ProSejda PDF DesktopSejda PDF DesktopFree PDF EditorFree PDF EditorPDFescape EditorPDFescape EditorEdit and convert PDFs seamlesslyPDF-Xchange Editor download brings you various features that let you create, convert, edit, annotate, and highlight PDFs. It supports a range of file formats, including PPT, TXT, and DOCX, and comes with a track change function. The tool also provides OCR technology that converts scanned documents into editable texts. The free-to-download application also features spell check and lets you export files in multiple formats. So if you’re looking for a powerful PDF editor, you should download PDF-Xchange Editor. PDF-Xchange Editor downloadtrack change functionconverts scanned documents into editable textsfeatures spell check


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