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Free battle royale gameRealm Royale is a free class-based fantasy battle royale game that is developed by Hi-Rez Studios and Heroic Leap Games. The cross-platform matches are available on console and PC devices: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Realm Royale takes place in an imaginative world where people can explore, loot, and fight others to be the competitions’ champion: the crown battle royalecross-platformWindowsNintendo SwitchPlaystationXboxexplorelootfightWhat happened: Realm RoyaleThere are three player modes: solo, duo, and squad. Solo is for people who want to participate as a single player; while Duo and Squad include a more intimate environment with more members. Before the game begins, gamers select a class: Assassin, Engineer, Hunter, Mage, or Warrior.threeSoloDuoSquadAssassinEngineerHunterMageWarriorEach of the five classes has its own advantages in response to a variety of deadly weapons and powerful abilities within the game: class perks. View this information when analyzing the characters.advantagesweaponsabilitiesclass perksThe benefits for Assassin include additional damage with headshots and restored health by destroying enemies. The Hunter character can move quicker and has Lifesteal. The Mage can hold extra potions and has a reduced cooldown, which allows her to use all of her abilities more often.additional damagequickerLifestealpotionscooldownNew players can benefit from the Warriors’ user-friendly capabilities: the extra health and capacity to receive an increased amount of healing. Due to Realm Royale having approximately 100 members per match, the boost in health can be useful for contestants.extra health100 members per matchAs people get in-game experience with the classes, new talents will be unlocked. To tailor-make the classes to their respective preferences, users can use these talents to acquire additional attributes: Speed, Resolve, Onslaught, talentsattributesTo further customize the character, consider choosing skin bundles, which are purchasable with crowns. Customizations are available within the shop as skins: chickens, horses, icons, etc.customizeskin bundlescrownsUpon the initiation of the rounds, people will fly in an aircraft: a zeppelin. In preparation for skydiving, the player will view a map to decide where to drop and begin the combat: Icehaven, Jade Gardens, Jaguar’s Claws, Trinity Hills, etc. These distinct locations are within more vast areas that are labeled: Badlands, Everfrost, Greenscape, Sanctuary, and Tropics.zeppelinmapdropmore vast areasThe mission when the character hits the ground is to loot and shoot. Participants can obtain weapons and abilities from within scattered treasure chests in the realm. The map is accessible in the top-right corner of the user interface. To swiftly travel the terrain, users can mount horses.obtain weapons and abilitiestreasure chestsaccessiblemountIs Realm Royale still popular?This hit fantasy battle arena is popular because of how easy the game is to play. When people see the chests, they can simply run up and open them to reveal legendary weapons and abilities.easyrun up and open themWeapons are used for violence and abilities are used to be stealthy. Weapons include the bolt staff, crossbows, shotguns, snipers, swords, etc. The abilities entail Charge, Hidden, Ice Block, Sensor Drone, Wall, etc. The current possessions will be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the screen.displayedDepending on the chosen characters’ playstyle, the contestants will choose which weapon and ability to keep from the boxes versus which one to leave behind. The items will offer participants a number of defensive and offensive advantages as they encounter other competitors head-on.keepleavedefensive and offensiveCan you build in Realm Royale?If there is a commodity that the players do not want to use, then they can receive shards by destroying the products through a process called disenchanting. Shards are the currency that can be used at forges around the map to craft healing potions, runes, etc. Each product costs a certain number of shards and requires an allotted amount of time to build.shardsdisenchantingcurrencyforgesallotted amount of timeForges are fireplace stations within Realm Royale that construct valuable tools. They can be seen sporadically placed on the map as yellow anvil symbols within black circles. Proceed to forges with caution because while they create the assets, they produce smoke from the chimney that alerts enemies to the location.fireplace stationsyellow anvilblack circlesalertsWhen rivals succeed in decreasing the health line of the opponent to zero, the defeated characters will transform into chickens that have limited ability to defend themselves. Observe the level of health in the bottom-left corner of the screen; in the same vicinity, users can analyze which potions they have available.decreasing the healthchickensvicinitypotionsChickens can transfigure back into the original player; their team can protect them for this to happen. If the chickens are terminated in the match, then resources will spew from the destruction. The incoming enemies are not the only threat to gamers’ lives; the looming fog that encroaches into the map can be lethal to members.transfigureprotect themterminatedresourcesfoglethalIs Realm Royale better than Fortnite?Apex Legends, Cuisine Royale, Fortnite, Paladins, and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground are alternative gaming options to play. Along with Realm Royale, Apex Legends, Cuisine Royale, Fortnite, and Paladins are free to play. Within Fortnite, people can make purchases to enhance the loot system. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s supreme graphic quality is relayed in the pricing of the software.Apex LegendsCuisine RoyaleFortnitePaladinsPlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundalternativeenhancesupreme graphic qualityPaladins is created by Hi-Rez Studios, along with Realm Royale. There is speculation as to which title receives more attention from the publisher. While Paladins and Realm Royale are spawned from the same team, the graphics in Fortnite are the most comparable to the latter videogame.attentioncomparableClassic battle gameWith simple gameplay that encourages users to advance within the crossplay system, Realm Royale is a popular entertainment choice. Choose the character’s class, a place to drop on the map, when to walk, jump, or mount the horse, what loot to keep and disenchant, what assets to forge, and what strategies to use to destroy enemies.simplecrossplaypopularHi-Rez designs and executes other gaming titles: Global Agenda, Rogue Company, SMITE, Tribes Universe, etc. This devotion to multiple titles may be the reason for the absence of a consistent update schedule; due to the Realm Royale community wanting to exercise their imaginations and skills with new features, the inconsistency of updates results in a reduced number of players.Global AgendaRogue CompanySMITETribes Universeinconsistencyreduced number of players


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