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A rhythm like no otherJust Shapes & Beats is a challenging rhythm game where players are thrown in a chaotic world of thumping beats and flying shapes. It is a musical game that is unlike any other because it is not just about hitting the right notes or keys in time with the music. In fact, Just Shapes & Beats is a thrilling survival game where you have to stay intact by avoiding the obstacles and projectiles that will come your way.Just Shapes & Beats chaotic worldmusical game survival game Survive the jungle of musicWhile most rhythm games will require you to hit incoming disks or notes in time with the music’s beat, here in Just Shapes & Beats, you will be doing the opposite. Instead of waiting for an onslaught of disks, you will be avoiding them lest your shape cracks and loses some of its parts. If you get hit enough times, your shape will completely break and you lose the round. The game has different creative levels and while the objective remains to be the same, which is to keep your shape intact at all costs, the obstacles you will face vary greatly from each other. The attacking elements can take in varying forms. There are levels where you will be facing incoming bullet projectiles, while in others you will be going against a serpent-like object that you have to avoid at all costs. avoidinggamecreative levels intactvarying forms.The movements of these obstacles are based on the music that is playing so if you are listening to an upbeat tune, expect everything to be fast-paced. The livelier the songs, the more erratic and unpredictable these projectile objects will be and of course, the harder they are to evade. To make things even more challenging, players are not allowed to fight back and defend themselves. You will be trying to survive and win the game by simply avoiding attacks and surviving until the song has finished playing.  unpredictableThe story behind the shapesYou would be surprised to find that the game actually has a background story and is following a plot. There is a story behind your journey through the tidal waves of music and while it is not as dramatic as you would expect, you will find the plot to still be pretty heartwarming. Just Shapes & Beats follows the story of a cute blue square that is on a mission to stop an evil shape from causing havoc and destroying everything in its path. The heroic tale of this small, blue square adds a sense of purpose to the whole game compared to many other musical games where the only objective is to clear stage after stage. Just Shapes & Beats manages to be something much more than just a game with funky songs and colorful graphics.plot.heartwarming.evil shapeA beat you should not missJust Shapes & Beats is a truly refreshing game from the rest of those in the similar genre. The mechanics are unique and its colorful graphics are truly a sight to see. It also gives you addicting gameplay with how each level manages to leave you fired up for more challenging rounds. Just Shapes & Beats has different game modes you can try.addicting


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