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Play as a tank mechanic in this simulation gameDeGenerals Studio and Polish PlayWay dropped another mechanic simulator for the fans of the tanks from the period of World War II. Tank Mechanic Simulator is a first-person simulation game that will let you recover and renovate abandoned and destroyed tanks. In this game, you will play as a tank museum owner in a quest to restore tanks to its former glory.Tank Mechanic Simulatorsimulation recover and renovatetank museum ownerThe searchFirst off, the Tank Mechanic Simulator is not just about repairing vehicles, even though the name suggests that. The gameplay of this sim game comes with several stages where you will do more than vehicle repairs. In the first stage, you will need to search for the abandoned tanks. And it is not just hopping on a car and driving off to an area. You need to form a team of technicians and do your research before you can start the search.several stagessearch for the abandoned tanksOnce you have determined the location of a tank, you can begin your search using your off-road truck. Tank Mechanic Simulator has a physical terrain deformation system. Players will need to mind where and do they want to travel and excavate. Also, to make it more realistic, the game implements a full day and night cycle, so you can search and excavate even at night.off-road truckphysical terrain deformation systemfull day and night cycleInterestingly, finding the tank becomes easier when you talk to the locales. Once you have narrowed down the area, you can use a metal detector to pinpoint its exact location. You can then prepare the excavation area and extract the tank. This stage of the game may look hard, but it isn’t really since the game is playable through mouse clicks.metal detectorplayable through mouse clicksThe renovationUpon extracting the tanks, you will need to transport them back to your workshop. In most cases, the acquired tanks will be nonfunctional and damaged, so you’ll need to restore them to their former appearance. The entire renovation program consists of five processes that you need to do before you can put the tanks to the museum.transport five processesFirstly, you need to clean up the mud from the tank. This process will need you to disassemble the tank to clean every nook and cranny. More so, you will need to detach all the damaged and rusted components. Players have the option to fix the damaged parts or buy a new one to replace them.disassemble fix buy To make it look like new, you will also need to sandblast the entire tank, place a primer coat, and put a final paint. Like with the excavation, you can do all these processes with a click of the mouse. The app will even show you your options on the screen, such as clicking left to select the parts and clicking right to start the process. You can see the status of the operation on the right side of the screen.sandblast status of the operationFinally, the restored tank will end up on display at the museum where your visitors can admire it. Surprisingly, this is not where your role ends. You will still have to put up information boards around the new showpiece and share interesting facts. More so, you will also need to get inside the tank and start it to delight your visitors.display at the museuminformation boardsstart it Tank Mechanic Simulator boasts great visuals. The tanks are even true copies of the real machines. However, it requires large system resources for you to have a smoother game.great visualstrue copiesThe verdictAll in all, the Tank Mechanic Simulator provides a great experience for fans of both simulation games and the fighter tanks. The game offers very detailed and real-life depictions of tanks, so it feels like you are really restoring them to life. However, it can be a bit boring since all you can do is restore the damaged tanks and put it in the display.great experiencedetailed real-life depictionsboring


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